GeoCoin is an explorative platform for ideating with geofenced digital currencies in future smart cities

This platform aims to make bitcoin and blockchain technologies accessible in a playful and experiential manner to a wider audience. We have used this platform as bodystorming tool in workshops to explore new models and aspects of geofencing digital currencies.

The platform was developed on the distributed smart contracting platform Ethereum with actual underlying blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency Ether which allows this software to be further adapted for real life use cases and scenarios. There are currently 4 different types of GeoCoin which allow users to collect coins which may add or subtract from their current balance. Simulating potential tax, toll and earning scenarios, this speculative software allows users to experience and explore the potential of digital currencies in a ‘Smart City’ environment.

To explore new ways of thinking about smart contracts in the city environment, just visit and type in a username. If there aren’t any zones or coins to collect in your area, just email me and let us know where you are and which area you would like to try out GeoCoin.
This project was developed as part of the ESRC-funded After Money project.