Make A Wish Ring

Re-interpreting the moment of happiness when blowing out the candles on a cake.

The iconic birthday cake candleholder is transformed into a piece of jewellery that serves as a keepsake of a special day. Buried in a cake as surprise or presented in its beautiful packaging Make A Wish Ring will turn anyone’s birthday into a memorable event.


The Make A Wish Rings are fabricated using a new additive manufacturing technique better known as 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping, where a high power laser fuses small particles of nylon into a 3-dimensional object. The products are then hand dyed to achieve bright colors whilst keeping the soft, powder-like texture specific to the printing process.

This technique allows the transformation from a generic mass-produced item into a unique and exclusive gift that will be worn with pride.

BettinaNissen-MakeAWish-bwp   BettinaNissen-MakeAWish-ywp BettinaNissen-MakeAWish-swp BettinaNissen-MakeAWish-rwp BettinaNissen-MakeAWish-gwp

Material: 3D printed nylon, hand dyed