Maker Faire UK

Using experiential souvenir making to engage audiences and elicit feedback

After the development of the experiential souvenir making activities with ISIS Arts as part of the On The Precipice project, we showcased an adapted version at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle upon Tyne. With this we encouraged visitors at Maker Faire to both participate in making unique souvenirs as well as reflect on their experiences of the event.

Nissen-MakerFaire02  IMG_9667

Beyond the original activity using a 2dimensional cutter plotter, we extended our work by also exploring the possibility of using a 3D printer and 3dimensional object making to elicit feedback. We tested what some of the issues might be with incorporating 3D printing in such activities as well as gained some insights into the value of doing so. Overall, we enjoyed showcasing this adapted work and received very positive responses as being one of the only stands at Maker Faire where visitors could make something hands-on themselves and create something that they could take home with them, a personally made and fabricated souvenir.